Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coconut Candy Mak Ani

Sedang aku leka mengacau adunan ini di kuali,my eldest son bertanya..kuih apa ni Mama?I said..Coconut Candy!Hmm...never heard,seen or eaten that before,he said..Ada,normally you can easily find it at Indian Restaurant like Thurkah in Melawati but I personally don't admire the taste of it as Indian adds some kind of spices.To me, Candy should be in its original flavour.So happened my youngest sister who has moved to Kinarut,Sabah is craving to have it.I took a day to recall the lovely moment being with my Aunt, Mak Ani.She is married to my mom's brother whom we called'" Mammi".Mak Ani is from Malacca and she enjoyed cooking and love to share her secrets with me..wah!lucky me.20 over years ago she taught me how to prepare these lovely delicacies.Since my siblings love it so much I wouldn't mine doing it almost every week.And now after 20yrs my youngest sister,Kino and Edah miss this Candy.They sent an sms and email asking me how to make the Candy.

To my dearest sister,Kino and Edah(Cik Yang) and to anyone who is passing by my feel free to browse my lovely Coconut Candy recipe.Come, lets join me in the kitchen.

Grated coconut from 1 Coconut
1 tin of condensed milk(susu pekat)
3/4 or 1 cup of fine granulated sugar
a pinch of salt
some coloring
1 tsp butter or margarine

In a non stick pan,without any oil,put in the coconut.At slow heat stir fry the coconut till a litle dry.Use the slowest heat possible as the coconut might burn and turn into kerisik..we don't want that.Quickly put in the margarine,salt,sugar and condensed milk and not to forget the I'm using green and red.Mostly it comes in green or red.Keep stiring till the candy turn dry but not too dry or doesn't stick to the pan/pot.Grease some oil into a container at measurement of 6 x 6 or 7 x 7.Compress the Candy with ladle.Cut once cold.

***If you do not want it too sweet, you may reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup and 1/2 cup of condensed milk.I've tried it.

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