Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheese Tartlets

Right after breakfast, I decided to take a look at my old collections of baking books on the shelf, rotting themselves away by the age. Then, I stumbled upon a book that I remembered buying a very long time ago. A book that was bought as a 'just because'. As i was flipping through the old pages of the book, I saw something that caught my eyes.

Cheese Tartlets.

At that moment, a memory of my younger sister flashed before me. She once asked me of this recipe and at that moment, I took out all my baking utensils and started to pour flour and sugar into my hands. However, halfway through, I had an emergency and had to hand it over to my daughter to continue the baking.

Let's have a look at the ingredients for the Cheese Tartlets.

250gm flour
40gm icing sugar
100gm butter (cut into small pieces)
a pinch of salt
1 egg yolk (beaten lightly)
3 tbsp water

250gm cream cheese
1 egg yolk
50gm butter
50gm icing sugar

1. Sift flour, sugar and salt together in a big bowl.
2. Rub in butter with your hands until the mixture becomes crumbly.
3. Add in water and egg gradually until the mixture becomes a dough.
4. Set it aside for 5 minutes
5. In the meantime, the oven is heated at 180 degree celsius and the ingredients for filling is beaten in the electric mixer until smooth.
6. Use tartlets mould and shape the pastry in it.
7. Bake the pastry in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.
8. Cool the pastry and pipe in the cream cheese filling.
9. Optional, you can add in blueberry or raspberry paste on the tart. (available in bakery stores)

***the filling can be baked together with the pastry

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